What is Affiliate Marketing & Promote affiliate product in social media.

What is Affiliate Marketing & Promote affiliate product in social media

Affiliate marketing is the most way to make money in online.now Learn what is affiliate marketing keep reading to learn affiliate marketing.
Affiliate marketing is the most propuler way to earn money online. Every famous blogger earning source is affiliate marketing. Shoutmeloude blog woner Harsh Agrawal Monthly affiliate marketing earning is estimete 3508 Doller.

Whate is affiliate Marketing and How to promote affiliate product

Affiliate marketing is one of the best platfrom of digital marketing.whean you refer some one any product and the person buy this product on your shearing link you can recived a commission that is affiliate marketing.
The commission varise to make $1 to $1000 Doller in a month .that depending your product and your works performance.

How to work Affiliat marketing

1) At first you join affiliate program
2) Choose a product and create affilite link
3) Then shear the link social media,Blog,youtube and more
4) When some one purches this product in your link and you
earn some commission.
Rede More: best affiliate marketing website

Affiliate Marketing On Instagram

Social Media is the best waya to promot your affiliate product every day instagram vissitor is more than 1M. You Can shear any affiliate product to your Instgram page.
At First,
1) visiting Instgram website.
2) Create your account and link facebook account.
3) then promote your product in instgram page.

affiliate marketing on youtube

Youtube is a beautiful and easy use platfrom to shear your affiliate product because you can shear this platfrom your product video in youtube channel and terget you product feleted audiance

How to shear affiliate product on Youtube

1) Join Youtube and create your channel
2) Make a video in your shearing product releted
3) Publice this video in your youtube channel
4) And input this product link in description box.

Affiliate Marketing On Facebook

This Time Every body use Facebook and every single day Billion of view come to facebook. Face book is bigest socialmedia platfrom .
You can shear you affiliate product this platfrom and give aswom result.
1) Atfist join facebook account
2) Make a facebook page to your product releted
3) shear your product this page.

Affiliate Marketing website Example

To day I will shear Top 5 Affiliate Marketing website and there commission rate

1. Shearasale

More than 17 Years to business Shearasale to Affiliate Marketing around 4000 Merchants Listed on this site. You can join this platfrom and earn high commission par sale.

2. Amazon Associates

This time amazon is the top online shoping store in the world.
Amazon associate affiliate marketing website and you can earn 10% commission par sale.

3.Lead pages Partener Program30%Commission/sale

4. Rakuten Affiliate program 20% Commission/sale

5.Bluehost affiliate 40% Commission/sale.

How much can you make affiliate marketing

To day affiliate marketing is the best waya to earning source to sale a product.harsh agarbal monthaly affiliate earning is estamite 3705 doller par month convert to INR aprox 259350 rupes.and more blogger quit her job and join affiliate program.

Do not forgot shear this post.

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