Top 5 Easy ways to Make Money Online as a college student.Earn money online at home in india.

Earn Money online in India at Home.

Make money online in India,
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Today many people are searching Google from home best online job to make money more than 19000 rupees every month from their home. Earn money online at home in India.

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but online job companies do not pay salary 9 to 10-day work.

60% of people are trying to earn money online but most of them do not a success because they are not ready to learn “how to earn money online”
So, are you ready to make money online?

let’s go, I am reading this article and learn how to make money online.
Some requirements:-
1) personal laptop for the computer. 

2) two good internet connection.                  3) email account.

4) bank account.  

5) PayPal or payza account.

If you’re having all of this requirement then ready to earn money online.

1)start from the online survey at home:

you can earn money easily 102 to 303 rupees /day
Online survey working at your home.

What is the survey?

The survey is getting feedback from a company of people about a service product.

How to earn money:-

Everybody is not ready for you to spend that time to review, so every biggest company came forward to invest many dollars on this recharge work.

how to get survey work:

At first, you search internet some server panel company entry register free account this company and then need to you complete your profile survey. then this survey company sends a survey program in your email account. you complete the survey and get money.

Best Affiliate Marketing Website.Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

2)Fiverr job:-

Fiverr is the best Marketplace where anyone come and doing service.

This Website is many ways to earn money just give your service and income money. if you are income some extra money daily the best way of Fiverr you can earn easily $200 in a day just 4 or 5 hours working.

3) affiliate marketing:-

Now one of the best online money earning way is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a business model earning a plan. hear you shear a product linpurchasesmeone click this link and purchase this product and you get some commission on this product.

you can join affiliate marketing and earn $100 in a day.

Some affiliate marketing site:-

1) Amazon Affiliate

2) ShareASale

3) Clickbank

4) Bluehost

4) YouTube channel:-

yes, you can earn money on your YouTube channel just follow some step

1) Create a YouTube channel.

2) You upload some quality video (do not copy any channel video).

3) Apply your YouTube channel for monetizing.

4) started your earning.



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