Top 5 excellent website for checking keyword rank in google

You have A blog or Website And check this site keyword ranking? And know your Keyword rank in google search engine?checking keyword rank.

If your Ans is yes, now read this post. And learn why keyword ranking or tracking in google.

So, let’ Go Start.

What is keyword Tracking:- Everybody knows the keyword is used by people on google to find information about any product. Keyword Tracking is the ability to check and analyze the keyword that you’re targeting for your blog.

Best Keyword rank checking the website.

1) SEMrush:-SEMrush is the most useful tool on this list as it is a completely solve your keyword rank checking. You visit semrush and enter your website or blog URL or the individual URL of a post then it will show this URL keyword ranking. You can click on any keyword to check this keyword competition and other details. If you check other website keyword rank in Google? Just visit the semrush cover page and simply add this website URL then show you all keywords that currently ranking in Google.

How to use semrush:-  

               1) login to the semrush website    

             2) then click keyword check and input URL or keyword,                      

3) then click the submit button and waiting sometimes then show all keyword that ranking this website URL.

2) AccuRanker:- if you are watching for a paid checker, if your answer is yes choice the AccuRanker website. I love this website because this website uses very easily and get the best keyword. you can track every keyword you are ranking in Bing search or Google search.

3) Ahrefs:- Ahrefs is one of the best keyword rank checking the website. the ahrefs website provides all SEO tools ahrefs automatically follow what keyword your website ranking in Google.   

      How to use Ahrefs:        

    1) at fast logging in the ahrefs website          

2) then use every SEO tool all tools are paid version but backlink check is free tools this website.  you can use ahrefs for your website backlink or keyword rank checking.

4) Google rank checker:- Google rank checker is an excellent free online tools for keyword rank checking.  if you use this service simply put in the keyword you went to you checking and it will so your keyword related all keyword in Google it’s that very easy use for your website keyword checking.

5) SEO Centro rank checker:- SEO Centro is one of the most useful keywords checking tools. SEO Centro checks your website performance of specific keyword in all search engines (Google Yahoo Bing etc). this website gives you complete details about a specific keyword including that ranks search engine. 

all the keyword rank checker tools on this list.  ahrefs is my best choice for checking the website keyword position on Google or Bing search engine.

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